Chateau Meaume

Cuverie  Bottling
Ancient tradition, Modern technology

Upon moving to Méaume in 1980, the new owners undertook an ambitious programme of restoration and modernisation.

A completely new fermentation cuverie was installed, incorporating 16 new stainless steel tanks coupled to the latest heating and cooling systems to control fermentation.

This was backed up by a new insulated maturation chai equipped with 11 stainless steel tanks linked to an inert gas system to control oxidization and reduce the use of sulphur.

The old chai, which housed cement tanks and a dilapidated wooden 'pressoir' has now been renovated and insulated for use as the 'barrique veillissement chai'.


Alan and Sue Johnson-Hill
Château Méaume, Maransin, 33230 France
Tel 05 57 49 41 04
Fax 05 57 69 02 70