Château Méaume

In search of (Blue Clay) Gold

Like most flora that grows on our blue planet, vines need the fundamentals of geography, geology and climate to work in equilibrium to prosper. Or in layman’s terms; location, soil, water and sunshine working together. And it is the delicate balance of these fundamentals that are so important to creating good wine AND the wines […]

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Singing from the same song sheet – Wine & Rugby

The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, have 15 principles by which they live and play the wonderful game of rugby. These principles have been shared and well documented in many books and have also been copied by the business world, seeking to reproduce the success achieved by this great team. Now I am […]

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The Entrepreneurs

Alan Johnson-Hill, was once quoted as saying “What was the first thing Noah did when he came out of the Ark? He made a vineyard”. Alan bought Château Méaume in 1978 on the evidence of photographs and the enthusiasm of his wife Sue, who went to see it. When Alan, Sue and their three daughters […]

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